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Happy New Year!

a section of the Rock River in Rockton, Illinois, covered in fog in January, 2014.

a section of the Rock River in Rockton, Illinois, covered in fog in January, 2014.

Today, we broke a record in the area, by hitting a low of -18. We are colder here than they are in Anchorage, Alaska. Yikes!

Did you make any resolutions for 2014?┬áPersonally, we tend not to make resolutions so much as ‘goals’. ┬áProfessionally, the same.


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Happy February First


As is typical, it’s been a busy time around here lately. I’m pretty pleased to see January roll into February. Our last week in January was painful, filled with medical appointments, automotive appointments and a plumber as well. Need I mention that they all cost money?

January wasn’t a horrible time, though, as we did get out and get some great photos taken. While winter will never be a “favorite” of mine, it’s tolerable through the camera’s lens.

The photos in this post were taken mid-January. We had a fog that was freezing on surfaces and it made beautiful crystal formations all around the neighborhood. Very pleased with the photos in this series.


I hope everyone has a great week!

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the summer past

peachpink (ish)

Today was spent sorting through files and organizing pictures. Got some much needed organizing done – and spent a bit of time missing summer. Can’t wait for the spring/summer of 2010.


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a squirrel under there


I was cold just taking a picture of that squirrel. Funny how they will go to great lengths to get their food but don’t particularly enjoy anyone -else- helping them out by cleaning off the perch.

The cardinal got sick of me clicking away as she was attempting to forage. I swear she’s saying, “Enough already!”

Forecast is more snow starting tomorrow afternoon.
Snow tends to bring a greater variety & more birds to the feeders.

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winter reds

winter holiday

I may have to admit (grudgingly) that this winter is proving to be … well, not a favorite, by any means – but more bearable than others have been. I’m a fall person. I’m a spring person. I tolerate summer. I’m not much for heat & humidity – but I’ll take that gladly over below freezing temps & snow.

This winter, though? It’s almost enjoyable to take walks in air that freezes the hairs inside your nose. It helps that I’ve been rather pleased with some of the winter shots I’ve been getting. That always helps.


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winter in Rockton

Rockton, 12.8.09

It’s not much of a secret that winter is not my favorite season. I can do without snow and ice and below freezing temps. The man I married -loves- winter, though, so I find myself out & about in it much more frequently than my warm blanket & hot chocolate loving self is accustomed to. It does have it’s benefits, though.

where's the food?


I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas, if you celebrate the holiday. If not, I hope you’ve enjoyed the long weekend if you had one. I’m looking forward to New Year’s (another work holiday for me) even more this year because it’s my husband & I’s one year wedding anniversary. Time sure does move fast, sometimes.

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One From January

Sometimes, I like to look back – not just at pictures, but at words.

6: annotations of snow, marshmallows and leaving

It’s snowing again. Every time it does, I think of you. I’m not entirely sure why, really. None of my memories of us involve snow. Heat and sweat and summer and wide open spaces and promises that we’d always be together. Those things I remember. I remember lots of stupid things, too. Like how you hated the word ‘moist’. Like how you couldn’t drink hot chocolate if it had marshmallows in it. And so, neither could I. Like how you couldn’t stand books being placed on the bookshelf upside down and you’d spend hours looking at each shelf in the library, making sure that each book was right side up.

And I remember how you left. I have spent the last several years remembering how you left. It’s become a tag, of sorts. We liked to swim … and then he left. We loved pizza with sausage … and then he left. Odd how we annotate our lives, leaving little numbers in the text parts and follow up at the bottom of the page with a list of wrongs and rights and could have been betters.

And so, life goes on. I’ve turned into a writer, a scribe, a cataloger of other’s lives, adding their little numbers and hoping that when all is said and done the bottom of the page is filled with more rights than could have been betters. I spend winter days looking out the windows at the snow falling. When it does, I think of you. Whenever I visit the library, I make a point of turning at least one book, upside down. I think of you. I incorporate the word ‘moist’ into some part of my day, and enjoy the confused looks I receive in return. Every single time it snows, I have hot chocolate. And as I’m dumping in the marshmallows, I smile.

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