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Miss E and Family



Last year at this time, we spent time with this gorgeous young lady and her family. I was a bit worried that Miss E would be nervous by our presence but she handled it smashingly, and we had SO many huge toothy grins it was impossible to choose a favorite.



Friday, we are heading back to visit with our cameras in tow. I cannot wait to see her and her older sister again, and see what magic we capture on camera this year.


Time flies past – and I say that both as a mother and a photographer. 

Have you had your family portraits taken this year? It’s always a great time to update. 



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October shoot

The past week was and likely the next will be consumed with taking care of my children as they trudge through their experience with H1N1. Son finally lost his fever on Friday; this afternoon daughter came downstairs and announced she didn’t feel well. Instant cringe – I’d thought we were doing so well. Son was ill from November 1st on – and nobody had been sick. Now he’s better and …. well, that’s what I get for thinking. So now daughter has a fever of 101.3 pre-Motrin. She is claiming the same symptoms son had when he started. Goody?

Before my house became a cootie nest, I was able to get out and do two photo shoots with two families of children. At the first shoot, unfortunately the light wasn’t as good as we’d hoped. We got some great photos, and some meh, they were okay photos – so we are going to re-shoot if I’m ever not taking care of sick kids. I’d like to have everyone completely healthy for a few weeks before taking pictures of people’s young children. Not cool to potentially expose others to this.

The second shoot went very close to perfect. The weather cooperated beautifully, there was plenty of light, no clouds and it was warm. The mom did her research and found an excellent location that fit into what she wanted for the back drop. It also didn’t hurt that the youngest was a serious ham and loved the camera and being the center of attention.

I’ll share photos from both shoots over a few entries, starting with this one. Between the two shoots, there were five kids, so I’ve got a lot of material to work with.

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