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Happy New Year!

a section of the Rock River in Rockton, Illinois, covered in fog in January, 2014.

a section of the Rock River in Rockton, Illinois, covered in fog in January, 2014.

Today, we broke a record in the area, by hitting a low of -18. We are colder here than they are in Anchorage, Alaska. Yikes!

Did you make any resolutions for 2014?┬áPersonally, we tend not to make resolutions so much as ‘goals’. ┬áProfessionally, the same.



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Happy June 2nd?

the hanger on-er

Egads! How did I manage to not update this blog for four months? Scary stuff. I imagine being busy is a good thing (so long as it’s in good ways) but it was still rather disconcerting to log in and see ice & Christmas ornaments staring back at me.

Time keeps hopping along, doesn’t it? We’ve been watching spring slip into summer. We started seeds a few months back and transplanted them into our garden. We’ve been fighting the “Great Unknown Bug Battle of 2010” this season; evidence now suggests earwigs. So. Earwig hunting it has become.

The birds are happy. The garden has worms. Nature is smiling.

And us, too, of course.

We’ve been taking photos. We’re always taking photos … it’s just, sometimes life dictates we stay away longer than we’d intended.

I hope you’re having a nice summer. Or winter, depending on where you are on this planet of ours.

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Happy February First


As is typical, it’s been a busy time around here lately. I’m pretty pleased to see January roll into February. Our last week in January was painful, filled with medical appointments, automotive appointments and a plumber as well. Need I mention that they all cost money?

January wasn’t a horrible time, though, as we did get out and get some great photos taken. While winter will never be a “favorite” of mine, it’s tolerable through the camera’s lens.

The photos in this post were taken mid-January. We had a fog that was freezing on surfaces and it made beautiful crystal formations all around the neighborhood. Very pleased with the photos in this series.


I hope everyone has a great week!

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the summer past

peachpink (ish)

Today was spent sorting through files and organizing pictures. Got some much needed organizing done – and spent a bit of time missing summer. Can’t wait for the spring/summer of 2010.


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thinking ahead

I <3 you

I was a good enterprising young woman today and got some photography things done. I am perpetually behind the curve on holidays, on events, on seasons – you name it, I have a great idea regarding it about three days AFTER said event. Christmas is a great example. I took several scenic post card type winter & Christmas shots for use in my cards & post cards …. and …. didn’t get them printed in time. Hmm.

I am indeed working to improve that as the year goes along. I have a lot to learn. Quite a lot, in fact.

I <3 you, framed

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a small shop update

lily postcards - set of 4tulips postcards - set of 3

I have had an Etsy shop for quite some time now, since 2006. It’s a sporadic thing for me; I tend to let it sit dormant while I’m participating in other venues during the summer & fall months. With a little time on my hands, I tend to put a few things in it every now and again.

Tonight I took photos of photo postcards and made a few new listings. There are more to come, of course, but right now, with the workroom in a bit of disarray, the studio a work in progress and feeling a bit under the weather the past 24+ hours, slow is a good pace.

Chickens, tulips & lilies seemed a good starting point. All are favorites of mine.

chicken postcards - set of 3

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punk rock

almost like a porcupine

growing pains

My best friend since forever breeds & shows cockatiels. Every week or so I try to get over there and take pictures of them as they are in the process of morphing into “real” birds. If I didn’t know it, with my limited experience with birds, I probably never would have guessed the top two pictures actually grow into something that winds up looking like the bottom picture. It is pretty neat watching them fill out and turn into something that I’m accustomed to seeing.

They are interesting little buggers. And -so- loud when they think there is food involved.


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