Baby R and her family


The first time I met this little girl was at her newborn photo shoot.

I was surprised to find, she had -very- definite facial expressions.

Now, at three months, that is even MORE true.

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with this little one and her family at an open house/3 month milestone recently.

I had a great time. The entire group, family and friends, smiled and laughed and had such great  camaraderie. It was a fun afternoon.

I’m looking forward to her 6 month milestone and all the amazing facial expressions she will show me then.


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Beginnings …

ImageNygren-Kearns Photography began with my interest in scenic and nature photography.

Now, we shoot senior portraits, capture newborn moments, weddings and events, offer an extensive array of corporate photography options and more. Still …

Whenever possible, I take time out to take pictures of things that interest me, from old trees to old buildings to the season’s flowers.

We offer a variety of items with our images on them, including prints (print only, matted print, framed print), notecards, post cards and more.

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Happy New Year! 

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A pulse!

Time is a funny thing. What’s new at Nygren-Kearns Photography since the last time I posted? Well. Lots. We purchased a commercial building in downtown Beloit. We will have an actual studio instead of being only “on location” photographers. The building is a great space and coming together with lots of sweat and paint and elbow grease.

I’ve been continuing my photography, of course. That’s the reason I do all this. I still enjoy it just as much as I did 9+ years ago. We are taking more portraits and shooting more weddings and birthdays. Senior portraits, bump-to-baby, corporate headshots, website images, events and car photography. Whew! Busy busy.

Some life changes are upcoming which are bittersweet but also allow me to focus on my photography business like never before. I hesitate to say it’s “sink or swim” because that sounds rather negative and painful, and I’m approaching these changes as a GOOD thing. There’s enough negativity.

More time means I can corral all my online presences into a newly revamped website. Slow and steady. It’s been a while since I’ve done more than post a picture here or there and surf social media.

These are fun times. Glad to have you reading along!





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Happy June 2nd?

the hanger on-er

Egads! How did I manage to not update this blog for four months? Scary stuff. I imagine being busy is a good thing (so long as it’s in good ways) but it was still rather disconcerting to log in and see ice & Christmas ornaments staring back at me.

Time keeps hopping along, doesn’t it? We’ve been watching spring slip into summer. We started seeds a few months back and transplanted them into our garden. We’ve been fighting the “Great Unknown Bug Battle of 2010” this season; evidence now suggests earwigs. So. Earwig hunting it has become.

The birds are happy. The garden has worms. Nature is smiling.

And us, too, of course.

We’ve been taking photos. We’re always taking photos … it’s just, sometimes life dictates we stay away longer than we’d intended.

I hope you’re having a nice summer. Or winter, depending on where you are on this planet of ours.

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Happy February First


As is typical, it’s been a busy time around here lately. I’m pretty pleased to see January roll into February. Our last week in January was painful, filled with medical appointments, automotive appointments and a plumber as well. Need I mention that they all cost money?

January wasn’t a horrible time, though, as we did get out and get some great photos taken. While winter will never be a “favorite” of mine, it’s tolerable through the camera’s lens.

The photos in this post were taken mid-January. We had a fog that was freezing on surfaces and it made beautiful crystal formations all around the neighborhood. Very pleased with the photos in this series.


I hope everyone has a great week!

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the summer past

peachpink (ish)

Today was spent sorting through files and organizing pictures. Got some much needed organizing done – and spent a bit of time missing summer. Can’t wait for the spring/summer of 2010.


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