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Happy New Year!

a section of the Rock River in Rockton, Illinois, covered in fog in January, 2014.

a section of the Rock River in Rockton, Illinois, covered in fog in January, 2014.

Today, we broke a record in the area, by hitting a low of -18. We are colder here than they are in Anchorage, Alaska. Yikes!

Did you make any resolutions for 2014?┬áPersonally, we tend not to make resolutions so much as ‘goals’. ┬áProfessionally, the same.



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summer brings yellow flowers

what's inside

those tiny things

more than a quarter

On our walk along the river this morning, I was surprised at the number of yellow flowers we encountered. Summer does bring out the yellows, also evident in some of the sun bleached vegetation. We got out early and beat the heat. The rest of our day will be spent doing errands, having meetings and making plans for various photo-things.

I am considering a regular give away tied to this blog but I am not entirely certain what would be the best way to go about it. I’ve mostly decided, however, that the best thing to do is jump in. I do know the winners will be picked at random from comments to that particular entry.


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Today was the market. It was a great day for it; the weather was lovely, the sun was out. Good company, great eats, lovely time. After that, we came home and rested up and hydrated some more. Then we went to Sinnissippi Gardens in Rockford, Illinois. We go there frequently. I always take a ton of pictures of geese & ducks while there, as well as the swans and the resident heron.

Today was no different. I have a lot of duck shots, a lot of geese shots. The weather was lovely, the company was lovely. It was a great day for weddings. We saw no less than five wedding parties while there, led at times by their photographer to the expected spots. It was a great day for photos and I hope the brides all got great pictures. I have to admit, I was not impressed with one of the photographers. This individual was snippy and rather hostile to us as we stood on a path (a PUBLIC path, may I add). The bride trailing behind overheard her photographer and looked embarrassed as she passed us.

When I begin actively shooting portraits (for pay) I will be aware that my behavior, my actions and my words have an impact on the people I’m working for. Just because a photographer gets a paying gig doesn’t mean that they can lower their standards and coast because it’s a ‘done deal’ (in my opinion). Impressing your client shouldn’t end at the check; your conduct still needs to ‘earn’ that payment even after the agreement has been fulfilled and the person is happy.

Judging from today’s encounter, not everyone feels that way about taking pictures. What a shame.



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it’s a kind of magic

it's a kind of magic

I’m waiting for the itsy bitsy fairies to jump out from behind the seed heads.

It’s Thursday here.
I hope you are having a good week thus far.
Taken in Rockton, IL


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just for tonight

my precious

Our tomato plants are doing wonderfully. We water them every second day (unless it rains, of course) with water from the rain barrels. We have ten tomato plants in various varieties and three pepper plants.

Only one picture for tonight’s post since the hubs and I were up at 4am this morning, so I could get into work early (so I could get out early!). We had a great day, and I took lots of pictures. Like that’s surprising to anyone who follows this blog.

I’ll get back here soon with more pics, I promise.

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grab hold and pour

The title has absolutely -nothing- to do with this entry, fyi. It just happened to come out of Alton Brown’s mouth as I was sitting here, staring blankly at the title bar, waiting for inspiration to strike. It never did, so I’ll snag his words. Thanks, Alton!

It’s been an interesting week thus far, and it’s only Tuesday. Monday, I left work early to go to a doctor’s appointment to see if she could give me something stronger to stop this annoying continual itching (poison ivy). Trip accomplished; no change in the itching. I took today off work because it’s supposedly the worst of it and I cannot sit still and work on something. All I do is squirm and itch and feel uncomfortable while itching because co-workers look at me like I’m passing contagious cooties (which the Doctor assures me I am not, thankfully!)… so yes, I stayed home today. Tony and I had a lovely day.

I have needed a trim for a while, so I managed to get into my hair dresser’s today. We talked about the itch and the cream and he said to toss it; just use Preparation H. Never would have occurred to me – but we went to the drugstore immediately afterward and got some. Amazing! I’m a convert. I’m still itchy but it’s greatly reduced and instantly calmed the minute I smear on some more Preparation H. I cannot complain.

The pictures are from Sinnissippi Gardens. Tony and I took a drive into Rockford on Sunday and had a lovely time. The weather was wonderful, the company was grand and we greatly enjoyed our day. I have so many pictures that I never know what to put up or print up. When someone asks if I have a favorite, I always say yes – but it’s hard. They are all my favorites. It’s why I keep them!

bottoms up?

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fishing and other things

spring tackle

Today, after putting in some hours at work, the kids requested that we go fishing. The weather wasn’t great (thunderstorms & rain showers all day yesterday and today) but we went because any time they want to get away from the game systems or the computer is a good thing.

One fish, one leopard frog and a handful of snails were caught. After about two hours and several rain showers, we came home content and damp. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon/early evening.

I hope your weekend was great.

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