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A pulse!

Time is a funny thing. What’s new at Nygren-Kearns Photography since the last time I posted? Well. Lots. We purchased a commercial building in downtown Beloit. We will have an actual studio instead of being only “on location” photographers. The building is a great space and coming together with lots of sweat and paint and elbow grease.

I’ve been continuing my photography, of course. That’s the reason I do all this. I still enjoy it just as much as I did 9+ years ago. We are taking more portraits and shooting more weddings and birthdays. Senior portraits, bump-to-baby, corporate headshots, website images, events and car photography. Whew! Busy busy.

Some life changes are upcoming which are bittersweet but also allow me to focus on my photography business like never before. I hesitate to say it’s “sink or swim” because that sounds rather negative and painful, and I’m approaching these changes as a GOOD thing. There’s enough negativity.

More time means I can corral all my online presences into a newly revamped website. Slow and steady. It’s been a while since I’ve done more than post a picture here or there and surf social media.

These are fun times. Glad to have you reading along!






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a small shop update

lily postcards - set of 4tulips postcards - set of 3

I have had an Etsy shop for quite some time now, since 2006. It’s a sporadic thing for me; I tend to let it sit dormant while I’m participating in other venues during the summer & fall months. With a little time on my hands, I tend to put a few things in it every now and again.

Tonight I took photos of photo postcards and made a few new listings. There are more to come, of course, but right now, with the workroom in a bit of disarray, the studio a work in progress and feeling a bit under the weather the past 24+ hours, slow is a good pace.

Chickens, tulips & lilies seemed a good starting point. All are favorites of mine.

chicken postcards - set of 3

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memories and baggage


Today, the tree ornaments came off our Christmas tree. I spent a bit of time sorting and re-boxing things, tossing out the bits and baubles and broken parts that always seem to reside in the bottom of the seasonal totes. We are much more organized for next year and will maybe have a handle on which boxes contain what.

Lots of memories in the ornaments. The majority of them came from my parent’s home; a collection started while I was a child. My favorite ornament is a blown glass mouse with orange ears and a pink tail. Was that a sign? I don’t recall when I got it but I do know that I haven’t put it on our tree in years because my cats took great delight in scaling the tree and batting anything dangling off of it.

tarnished, I think

Today is not only New Year’s Day, which in itself is a pretty neat thing but also my husband and I’s one year wedding anniversary. Not a long time, no, but when you consider how much we’ve surmounted to get to this sweet day? Seems like ages. We’ve had an excellent day together, lazing about, watching movies and talking. I picked up some things for the studio in progress. Tomorrow we’ll do some work on that.

Life is good. I don’t make resolutions, particularly, but I am working on a 101 in 1001 list. On that list are things such as “visit Australia” and “visit 25 states” as well as the more mundane “remember to think before opening your mouth.” Thankfully, I don’t have anything on the list about being prompt, because I wanted to have it done and written out by New Year’s Day – and I’ve missed that a bit.

I would like to settle on a set way to display photos. I change my border style quite often – a quick flip through my flickr stream will demonstrate that. I vacillate between watermark or no, digital signature or no …. So far, a distinct way has not made my 101 list. I’m certainly a work in progress.

I hope you had a wonderful day, filled with memories and family. I know sometimes things are rough, sometimes they just flat out suck – but now that I’m not in my teens or early 20s – I can also appreciate that 1.) it will eventually get better given time and 2.) it can likely always get worse.

Sometimes, I wish I had a magic rule book to get me (and especially loved ones) through tough situations. I mean, it’s common sense. Listen. If you hit your thumb with a hammer, it hurts. Then, you do it again – and it hurts, and 10 times later, guess what? It hurts! At what point do you STOP doing it because it hurts? At some point you HAVE to realize that the same action will cause the same pain – and you stop! Amusingly, that logical action/reaction does not seem logical to everyone. I would do just about anything to save my kids some of the stupidity and foolishness of my teens & early 20s.

I appreciate that to an extent you have to live it to learn from it, and I know some are slow learners (hello, I was). I know that my HS boyfriend and I had our disagreements and our falling outs, but goodness. Kids seem to take the drama & game playing to an entirely greater level now. I appreciate that some of it is “natural” as they learn their way but part of me is wondering how much this behavior/emotional baggage is going to affect their future lives and how it will impact their chances at a healthy adult relationship much farther down the line.

Maybe I’ve lost touch with what it was to be 14, 15, 18, 20 and in love … but I don’t think so.

Some things, you just don’t forget.

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our garden

flowerI feel pretty
pea flowersyum
lettucenot fried

1. flower 2. Our resident dragon fly.
3. corn. 4. one of our pepper plants.
5. Pea flowers. 6. Peas.
7. Two of our lettuce. 8. Not fried!

Some simple shots of our garden. We are all really enjoying our green thumbs, even the kids. I wasn’t sure they would be too keen on the idea of eating stuff that *gasp* grew in DIRT. Surprisingly, they are pretty into it. My son’s sunflowers are easily over 6 feet tall. Daughter’s nasturtiums are doing great. We’ve been picking them regularly to bring indoors. We pick lettuce just about every night. We have 15 tomato plants, if you can believe it. We love our tomatoes. LOL

Someone told us to mulch the garden with the grass clippings from our lawn, so lately, when we mow we’ve been putting the bagger on to the mower and spreading clippings. Each time. It’s our hope that the practice is helping the soil retain moisture as well as providing some nutrition (over time).

We have a toad living in the garden. We saw it Monday while picking lettuce. I hope it eats earwigs, and lots of them! Our resident dragon fly buzzes around us regularly.

All in all, it’s been a worthwhile undertaking. We already have plans for next year, regarding where things will be placed, what to do differently and how to expand the garden.


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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

I don’t know how much I’ll be online for Memorial Day tomorrow, so I wanted to put this up now.

In between visiting with family & friends, burning food on the grill and drinking – take a moment to say thanks. And remember.

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disorganization, situational woe and sarcasm since 1972

standing behind

I am told that it rained earlier today but I am not certain it did, because I was sleeping. My husband somehow escaped bed without waking me, and I snoozed away until 10am. Right now, however, the sun is shining in between huge fluffy white clouds and there’s a rather -brisk- breeze blowing. While I like a little air circulation, it’s been a tad annoying attempting to work on matting prints at the kitchen table while chasing cello bags, business cards and backings all over the place. I have discovered a new use for my mis-matched tea cups. They hold down papers quite nicely.

I could be in the workroom doing this. I have two nice big tables just waiting to be used. While I love my workroom (especially -having- a workroom!), sometimes, I prefer to be in the middle of things, so to speak – and listen to the kids bickering (non-stop, today, it seems) and my husband as he works on finishing the book he’s written. Who wouldn’t want an oversized cat trying to lay on absolutely everything she shouldn’t be, after all? This much assistance is hard to come by.

The weekend wasn’t all sunshine and fun pursuits. On Saturday, we attended the memorial service of a young man I’ve known since his birth. Someone’s inattentiveness ended his life on Monday, May 4th. Monday was also his birthday, and he turned 26. I don’t pretend to understand the hows or the whys. I’d like to kick the wall and yell it’s not fair over and over – because it’s so NOT fair – but life isn’t. Late last night (when I was also sitting at the kitchen table, working on prints), I watched a group of bikers go past. There must have been at least 12 of them. I heard them before I saw them, and watched them in tears. Please be aware that there are other people on the roads besides yourself. Please be attentive and look two, three, four times if needed – to make sure you are turning safely. Godspeed, Andy. You are missed, greatly.

This morning, I ran out of 5×7 cello bags. Naturally, I ordered more. Two hours later, I ran out of 8×10 cello bags. Naturally, I had to order more and since I wasn’t smart enough to check my supplies and order everything at the same time, I am paying another $15 UPS & “convenience” fee for a second order. Disorganization, my middle name. Yay. At any rate I am working on 11x14s now – and YES, I do have enough of those bags. I checked. *laugh* I imagine now I’ll run out of backer. Or something.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and caregivers out there – and thank you. I hope you are having a good day and spending it how you wish – either with your kids, or without for some much needed peace & quiet.


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spending time and times


You would not believe how many shots I have of …. weeds. Dead plants. Dead trees. Bare branches, looking like skeletons against gray skies. Simple things, things almost devoid of color. Things essentially devoid of life .. but the textures. The movement. Dead? Perhaps. But not gone.

Some things just don’t die.
They rest, perhaps.
They aren’t gone.

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